At ICP, our compounding pharmacists are meeting the needs of peri-menopausal and menopausal women and men (Andropause) using Bio-Identical (Natural) Hormones. These hormones are appealing to patients because they help to mend a hormonal imbalance with hormones that are identical to those produced in the human body.

Our compounding pharmacist can tailor a hormone regimen, which mimics what a female’s body has been doing for the past 50 years or so. All women are not the same; therefore, our compounding pharmacist can add value by preparing the medication to “fit” the patient with the appropriate dosage strength and form.

For male patients, supplementation of the basic hormone, testosterone, has shown to be an effective treatment for most men experiencing Andropause.

The compounding pharmacist, working in triad with the patient and the physician, can start and maintain bio-identical hormone replacement.

Hormones can be placed in a variety of dosage forms including: Capsules; Topical creams, Suppositories and Sublingual Troches or Lozenges.

As patients work with their physician and compounding pharmacist, they can choose the dosage route and strength that is most beneficial and pleasing.